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The two Best Work Awards, worth $200 each, and other 8 grants of $40 (out of $100 fees) for researchers from less developed countries are sponsored by

Northern Digital Inc., Canada


(Only active participants may compete).



$500 worth sponsorship. Thank you!


 BioMedical Engineering OnLine

    The author of one paper selected from those effectively presented at Medinf'2003 will be invited to submit a refined version of his/her work for publication in the BioMedical Engineering OnLine magazine. If acknowledged, the publication fees, worth $500, will be sponsored by

BioMedical Engineering OnLine


    Kindly asking for your understanding, BioMedical Engineering OnLine  magazine limits the competition for the free paper to authors from less-developed countries. This is both to encourage researchers in countries with few resources and to best make use of the limited funds available.'





Selected papers from the section Measurement in Medicine (after reviewal) will be published also in the on-line journal:




Banc Post


M. Elias Foundation - Romania

  MECT - Romania


 SITECH Publishing House - Craiova

 University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

 Editura Universitara Medicala - Craiova

 RAT - Craiova

  Pan Group - Craiova



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