From the 106 papers, 20 were selected to have rated over 85 points within the previous initial review of the extended abstracts. From these ones, 6 were selected, where the first author is under 45 years old. These are the candidates for the Best Work Prize.

 These papers were submitted to two independent international reviewers and are being reviewed according to criteria which are normal for any research paper.

 Each reviewer will evaluate the papers and rate them with a maximum of 50 points. For each paper the sum of the points will be calculated (0 - 100) and the two papers which will rank the best (over 85 points), will be offered the two $200 prizes.



For our younger colleagues scientists and students 

A competition is open. 

The prize is symbolic: $200 each, the pride may be great

Two grants are offered by

 NDI Inc., Canada


 (Only active participants may compete)


 BioMedical Engineering OnLine

    The author of one paper selected from those effectively presented at Medinf'2003 will be invited to submit a refined version of his/her work for publication in the BioMedical Engineering OnLine magazine. If acknowledged, the publication fees, worth $500, will be sponsored by

BioMedical Engineering OnLine

    Kindly asking for your understanding, BioMedical Engineering OnLine  magazine limits the competition for the free paper to authors from less-developed countries. This is both to encourage researchers in countries with few resources and to best make use of the limited funds available.

 (Only active participants may compete)




Selected papers from the section Measurement in Medicine (after review) will be published also in the on-line journal:





 (Only active participants may compete)



    A limited number of $40 ($60 for students) grants will be available for scientists and students from less developed countries, to sponsor the difference up to $100 Conference fees.

    The Grants are available only to fully registered applicants and will be offered on a personal application basis following the extended abstract acceptance. The applications have to thoroughly justify the requirement, also specifying the age and status (student, researcher, engineer, professor, etc.). Students asking for attendance grants have to submit evidence (post, fax) of their studentship status. E-mail applications are also accepted, when appropriate.

 (Only active participants may compete)


    We are kindly asking all the participants to understand that scientific quality and promptitude are the only criteria to be taken in consideration in offering these grants.

    This means that for equal quality (after review), the first who submitted the final paper would be offered the grants. The grants are valid only with full registration; otherwise, they will be reallocated.

 Available Grants as at Nov. 1st 2002: 8