Dear Colleagues, 

Science means the delight of discovery, the adventure to look for the unknown, the exhausting effort, the joy of the accomplishment, the pride.  

    Science is the arena where honesty is at its highest. It is there we are humbly trying to discover the undiscovered. 

    It is there we share our accomplishments, we fight, we promote, we improve, we learn. It is there human cooperation, deep friendship may be cast. 


To share, to compete, to succeed, to enjoy,  

we are warmly inviting you to attend  


The 1st MEDINF International Conference 

 on Medical Informatics & Engineering 

 "MEDINF' 2003" 

 October 9 - 11, 2003 

in  Craiova, Romania  


We are working hard to prepare the best for a wonderful meeting, our distinguished colleagues, scientists and students, looking forward to meeting you next year. 

   For our younger colleagues, scientists and students, a competition will be open. The prize is symbolic: just the Conference fees, the pride may be great. 

   We shall all compete; we shall all win, as we shall all learn! We shall all enjoy 

        With my entire consideration, 


             Prof. Dr. Mihai Tarata 

               Conference Chairman 



 The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania 

  in cooperation with the 

 Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences,  

 Romanian Academy, Commission of Biometrics and Group of Clinical Biostatistics  

International Society for Clinical Biostatistics

Romanian Society of Medical Informatics  

affiliated with the IMIA - International Medical Information Association and

EFMI - European Federation of  Medical Informatics  

European Society for Engineering and Medicine  

Society for the Internet in Medicine  

 organizes in 2003

 The 1st MEDINF International Conference

 on Medical Informatics & Engineering

 "MEDINF' 2003"

October 9 - 11, 2003 

Craiova, Romania 


This celebrates the 26th National Conference on Medical Informatics and continues a long successful tradition, extending the scope of the Conference to further promote and catalyze an international scientific dialogue within this challenging field.

     The Conference venue is provocative itself; Craiova is a very old beautiful town with beautiful surroundings, further embellished by the 2003 autumn colors. 


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 

Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine 

Biological Signal & Image Processing 

Biomedical Engineering 


Electronic patient record 

Informatics in Healthcare 

Informatics in Medical Education 

Measurements in Medicine 

Modelling in Medicine 



 September 1st, 2002 1st Announcement
 October 1st  2002 Preliminary registration
 October 30th  2002 2nd Announcement
 February 28th 2003 Extended abstract (2 pages) submission
 April 15th 2003 Extended abstract acknowledgement
 June 1st, 2003 Full paper submission(4 pages) & reduced registration fee
June 20th, 2003 Limit date to allow the selection of full papers to enter the Best Work competition
 June 2nd -July 1st, 2003  Full paper submission(4 pages) & $140 registration fee
 July 2nd 2003 August 15th  2003 Full paper submission(4 pages) & $200 registration fee


    To the purpose of a high scientific quality, all the papers will be submitted to a scientific peer review. The submitted extended abstracts (2 pages) will be reviewed by an international scientific board. 

    The acknowledged papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings (ISBN) and in the on-line journal in extenso (4 pages). The full papers will be also reviewed prior to publication. 

    All the communication and manuscript submission process will be electronic.

     The works will be accepted only in files .doc prepared in Word for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. The files will be sent attached by email ( or in exceptional cases on 1.4 MB diskettes by post at the address: